“The TRUNK tour of India was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Ali prepared an itinerary that was the perfect mix of comfort, variety and “the real India”. Every destination on the route was spectacular in its own unique way and the pace was just right to absorb each of them while offering plenty of variety.  The relatively small number of us got on exceptionally well and Ali has some great local contacts so we really felt like we got to see, taste and experience India in a way that many tourists don’t. I highly recommend TRUNK India if you are thinking of travelling to this amazing country.”

Sam Gerner – Melbourne, Australia

“Even though we have been back from India for over 6 weeks now the experience is still so fresh in my mind & I am still buzzing from what was a trip of a lifetime. I have little flashbacks & yearnings to be back there!!! Everything was arranged with meticulous detail. Wild adventures, the crazy hustle & bustle with all of India’s vibrancy awakening all our senses but always a soft landing on the other side. The length of stay in each place, the adventure of arriving somewhere else, that everything was prearranged but there was free time here & there. Thank you again for the most incredible trip. An adventure of a lifetime.”

Abby Innes – Melbourne, Australia

“India is such an incredible place to visit – so vibrant and alive. Couldn’t have done it without the guidance of Ali – we were in great hands, and really enjoyed travelling with a small group of lovely people. Thank you Trunk India – would definitely recommend!”

Monique Stapleton – Hong Kong